Collection of videos.  Watch Dave riding, coaching, and hear from his students!

Wibke, Third Level Test 3

Dave at competition with remedial mare, retrained! 

Featured Trainer


Go to to watch full-length training sessions with Dave.  New videos will be released beginning in August. Click logo above for direct link. preview

Dave teaching Ellie Coletti

For Lease: Sandro

Schooling Inter I, ridden by student Alexia Mercier-Lafond.

Horse Shopping in Europe

Dave riding several horses in Europe.

Jumping with Dave Thind

Horse shopping in Norway with student.

White Star Stallion

Standing stud at Aspire Farm. 

Beth Shepherd

Student: learning riding as an adult. 

87 y.o. Betsy Cadie

Student Betsy Cadie started riding again to become courageous! Be Inspired!


Successful horse shopping trip in Denmark.


Short clip from clinic.


Successful horse shopping trip in Holland and Germany.