Solero Qualified for Championships

And Solero ("Baby") had another super show showing Third Level test III! This young horse acted like a real seasoned competitor. On this incredibly hot day, he managed to trailer to Georgetown, MA for the NEDA Summer show. Walked off the trailer, did a 20 minute easy-going warm up and qualified for the regional championships with a 64.7 percent! A big thank you to Dave's sponsors Ogilvy Equestrian for outfitting him with simply the best saddle pads, ThinLine for the best snaffle reins on the market and to his new sponsor Triple Crown Feed from whom we get our world class fuel (He eats "Naturals" - GMO and Soy free). Also big thanks to the support of Dave's sister Sanjeev Thind Forsyth, her husband Jon, and the kids ( pictured). Thanks to Heather for the great job grooming!

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