Axel Steiner Clinic

Thank you to the talented riders, horses and stalwart auditors braving the cold at our clinic with Axel Steiner March 7-8! And a big thank you to our clinic sponsor Smartpak. The riders looked sharp in their new saddlepads and our auditors loved their door prizes! The team at Aspire Farm put on a great production, complete with delicious lunches from Susu's Bakery in Wellesley, MA. Axel Steiner's frank, honest, yet positive coaching brought each rider and horse combination to a new level. He helped each rider heading to competition to stategize their test based on the coefficients and requirements of each movement as well as the strengths of each horse/rider team. Axel Steiner insisted on horse and rider demonstrating athleticism and gave continual reminders that if a high quality gait is not maintained, the movement cannot be successful. His love for the horses was evident throughout the weekend. Thank you Axel Steiner for visiting us from sunny California! Tips from the clinic will be appearing on the blog Cheval Glass.

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