Dressage Daily article on Dave Thind at Equine Affaire

"Dave Thind Featured Presenter at Equine Affaire: Attendees to Benefit from Expertise in Biomechanics"

West Springfield, MA- On Thursday November 7, attendees of this year’s Equine Affaire in West Springfield, MA will benefit from Dave Thind ‘s expertise in the field of equine and rider biomechanics. The acclaimed dressage clinician and trainer will present three distinct however closely related subjects. The location and titles of the presentations are as follows: Seminar Stage: ‘The Nuts & Bolts of Correct Equine Locomotion: How Your Horse Should Move, Demo Ring: ‘Equestrian Biomechanics: Properly Aligning the Rider's Body in order to Allow Our Horses to Better Do Their Job’, Youth Pavilion: ‘Equine Biomechanics 101: How Your Horse Moves’. "We are pleased to feature Dave as a presenter at Equine Affaire this fall. Equine and equestrian biomechanics are topics that are quickly growing in popularity with our attendees. Dave's diverse global background coupled with his expertise on classical theory and the applied science of how horses and riders function both individually and as a team make him a great choice for our educational program, attested Coagi Long, Vice President & Program Director of Equine Affaire... Read More

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